Coat Types

The physical appearance of the Goldendoodle runs anywhere from a shaggy-looking retriever to a curl-relaxed poodle, but usually it falls somewhere in between.

The length when left unclipped grows to about 4-8 inches.

Goldendoodles are considered to have a two-toned effect in their coat and many sport lighter colored hairs at the roots. Many Goldendoodles of color will have silver or gold hues inside of their coat hairs.

All Goldendoodles are a single coat dog. Their coat hairs are very fine but can be very thick. Goldendoodles who are cream can appear to be white when outdoors and apricot Goldendoodles who are indoors will always appear to be darker in color than when outdoors.


Around 15% of people suffer from pet allergies. Symptoms are caused by a reaction to a specific protein found in a pet’s saliva, urine, or dander. People are allergic to the allergen that clings to the pet fur or to the dander that floats in the air, not to the pet fur itself.

Some individual dogs and dog breeds may produce less allergen than others, but they all produce some. Many Goldendoodles have been found to not cause people to have mild allergy symptoms.

Dogs with non-shedding coats are the most commonly recommended breeds for allergy sufferers. However, it is important to note that there are some people who can’t tolerate these dogs either. When a dog’s coat does not shed, there are less allergens released in the air. This is provided that the coat is kept clean and clipped.

Puppies often have different coats than dogs do, it’s important to check that you are not allergic to either puppies or adults of the breeds you are considering. An experienced breeder can help you in choosing the right dog for you and your family if you suffer from allergies. Goldendoodles have coats that can be quite varied. Wavy to curly, light shedders to heavy shedders.

Most people find that F1B or multi-generation shed almost no hair to very little hair (probably due to the percent of poodle in them), while a first cross can shed extreme amounts of hair to very little hair. Even first generation (F1) Goldendoodles have proven to shed very little to a slight amount. It all depends on the coat of the dog, and the genetic makeup of the dog.