Grooming requirements are minimal on Doodles. Many owners trim their dogs themselves occasionally just to keep them looking neat and clean.

Since they love water, bathing them is not a chore! A great shampoo for your Doodle is: Touch of Mink “MinkSheen 4 in 1 Shampoo”. Info and link below.

The great thing about Doodles, whether low shed or non-shed, seem in most instances fully compatible with allergy sufferers.

If you’ll be taking your doodle to the groomer for hair cuts, you’ll just need a brush, comb and shampoo for regular grooming.

For more information on grooming your doodle go to also has information on ear care.

Some groomer recommended products:
Oval pin brush:
Chris Christensen Systems’ Show Dog Brush. Three custom designed pin brushes for a variety of coat lengths, textures and fullness.
Great for puppies since a wooden pin brush represents the safest and gentlest way to delicately separate loosely tangled hairs and it’s gentle on the skin. If you’re looking at other brands, a good test is to brush your own arm to make sure it’s a smooth feel and doesn’t scratch your skin.

Many groomers recommend a T slicker brush for adult doodles. You can find information on all grooming supplies on

MinkSheen 4 in 1 Shampoo
The first choice and #1 shampoo for Groomers, Breeders, Show Dogs and Pet Owners around the world!  It’s like getting 4 products in 1!

~ gentle shampoo
~ coat conditioner
~ anti-bacterial formula
~ natural insect repellant

MinkSheen Pet Shampoo’s rich lather will gently clean your pet without leaving its skin dry or irritated. Mink Oil leaves a soft, shiny “show” quality coat, while Vitamin E soothes and prevents “hot spots.”

The cedar and citronella oils naturally repel biting insects while leaving your pet smelling great! The added benefit of an anti-bacterial will protect both you and your pet from the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.

This incredible pet shampoo also has a coat conditioner within the shampoo so you only have to use one bottle to get everything done.

Find it at: