Picking Up Your Puppy

OK, the time is finally here to pick up your new family member.  Here is a list of what to bring to my house when you come to pick up your new puppy.

Crate or car restraint.  Crate is the easiest for a puppy – the small puppy crates can actually be seat belted in with the shoulder strap.  If your crate can’t be seat belted in, make sure it is secure – on the floor or wedged into the seat.  It does take much to shift the crate.

Crate pad or towel – anything soft to line your crate with.

Leash: get a lead that will work long term min 12″ thin – light

Bring a container to take home some of my water.

Bring a towel because puppies sometimes get sick when they travel.

If your travel will be longer, or overnight, bring along some puppy food and a dish for food