The most lovable, playful dog I’ve ever owned.

Our family couldn’t be happier.

Thanks, Rosewood Kennels!

Tara, Jason & Elise
F1b Goldendoodle

Ender and Bean

We love our two boys, Ender & Bean.

They’re both almost too smart for their own good; Ender in particular is excellent at figuring out how to “steal” things he’s not supposed to get into. Bean is a snuggler and loves to put his head on your shoulder.

They’re very well behaved for six months, aren’t afraid of anything, and love everyone.

Thanks so much for starting them off on the right foot!



Hi Jana!
Here is Marta!  She is the sweetest dog!
Karen Lindblom 


Hi Jana,

Just thought I would share a couple of pictures from the other weekend.

Molly has been a great addition, so sweet and gentle with our three boys!



Our sweet Gabby almost 10 weeks now, we love her so much!  ❤️

From Haley and Finn’s 2016 summer litter.

The Quigley Family


Another happy puppy pic – love our doodle Piper!

She’s seven months old and almost 28lbs!

She is so mellow and sweet and loyal.

Thanks Jana and Rosewood Kennels!



Hi Jana,
We can’t imagine a more wonderful dog than our Scout.
She is smart, loving, and affectionate, and we credit Jana for breeding such wonderful puppies and socializing them to be such great companions.


Our Max is a Rosewood doodle; born on Christmas day of 2015.

Today we dropped him off at the groomer with the simple request of a “lion cut”.  The outcome resulted in a professional photo shoot.

Thank you for our spunky Max!

The Anderson Family


Puppy Gus is nine weeks old already!

His demeanor is wonderful and I can tell that he will be a great companion for my kids and I!

Thanks again, Jana!

The Shepardson Family


Our sweet Scout turned 8 this summer (Maddie and Quinn’s baby).

He is gentle, calm, smart, and beautiful.

Thank you, Jana!



This is Zoe one of Ellie and Franklins puppies.

We love her so much and she has been an amazing puppy (turns 2 this September) so quick to settle into new situations and very happy with everything and everyone she meets! 🙂



Sadie turned 4 today.  Couldn’t of asked for a better dog. Thank you Rosewood Kennel.

She fits into our family perfectly and really enjoys taking long walks.

Perfect match for our family a very mellow dog.

Parents were Finigan and Grace.



All is very well with Sophie, she has now been with us 5 weeks and everyone absolutely adores her.

She is such a good puppy, she impresses everyone she meets. They cannot believe how well behaved she is. Yes she is almost 100% potty trained just an occasional accident, usually it is our fault.

We have bell trained her, she rings it every time she needs to go outside. We take the bell with us when we visit others and she knows to ring it no matter what door it is hung on. She is very curious always exploring. At 12 weeks she is 12.5 lbs.

Thank you so much for selecting Sophie for our family, she is perfect.



Here are a few pictures of Yoshi (from Hannah and Finnigan). He is the best puppy!!!

The transition went wonderfully. It only took him two nights and then he was sleeping through the night. He is completely potty trained now and already knows a few commands like sit, stay and down.

We started puppy kindergarten yesterday and he did so well with the other puppies. I have been taking him to work with me, I work in a medical clinic, and he has met so many people including people in wheelcharis, with walkers and crutches etc. and he is so calm, he never acted scared and just wants people to rub his belly. Needless to say, we are the most popular clinic in the building right now.

He has added so much joy and purpose to my life and I couldn’t be happier. I think I have the best puppy in the whole world!!!!

Thank you for doing such a fantastic job the first 8 weeks of his life, I have recommended your kennel to so many people.



Jasper will be 3 years old in May…isn’t he a handsome fella?

He’s very good natured, a little spoiled, and always eager for play.

We love our mini teddybear golden doodle!

Joyce and Wayne


I am sending you a picture of our Goldendoodle, Eddie.

He is THE BEST dog in the world!

We can’t thank you enough for this fabulous dog. He has been a joy since the first day we brought him home. If I would have known how easy this dog is I would have gotten one years ago. He potty-trained in only a few weeks and is wonderful with the kids.

Eddie is my new running partner, He knows when I put on my running shoes it is time to go on our run and gets so excited.

We had him neutered this week and he is back home and happy. I have to say we spoil him rotten and he loves it!

Thank You Again!



Just a quick note to tell you how very delighted we are with our new family addition, Chewy.

He must be about 11 or 12 weeks old now and has brought so much joy to our family this long winter. Already he sits, shakes and lays down on command. We are still working on potty training, but I bet our accidents are reduced to a handful each week.

He lets the girls haul him around, in the stroller, in their arms, it seems he cannot get enough lovin’! Jeff and Nolan play with him a lot and he retreives pretty well, and loves the snow (quite a bit more than we do at this point).

We have him in his crate when we are not home and at bedtime. At beditme we put his crate by my side of the bed and he seems to really like that. He has adjusted very well, and I can’t imagine being happier with a new dog.

Thank you very much for recommending him particularly to our family. He is a great fit. 🙂

Kind Regards,

Kari and Jeff

Dexter and KC

We took home one of your GD pups this past June. We named him Dexter. He was a pup born 4-22-08 by Gigi and Quinn.

We also have a black GD we got from Sophie/Quinn last year, named KC. We are very very happy with both our dogs.

Thanks again for the great dogs. We really cherish them. We have gotten a lot of compliments on them and have told everyone your name.

We have given out your website to several people who I hope will give you business.



Hope all is well at Rosewood.

We received one of Maddie and Quinn’s pups born on 531/10. We call him Winslow “The Wonder Dog.”

He just finished Level One obedience classes. Everyone loves him and vice versa. He is great with our grand kids. He loves to hop into the shower and hang out in the tub once and awhile waiting for the faucet to start up.

Our biggest surprise was his catching mice outside as they tunnel in the snow after bird food. He’s caught three over the past week. I thought I’d let you know “mousing” is part of his gene pool.

Thanks for raising such a wonderful dog!

Bill and Barb


I just wanted to give you a brief update on Lucy.

She is the best puppy and has adapted so well to our family. She loves to be with both Paul and I. We can tell that she has been socialized well as she loves to cuddle, nuzzle our necks and give us big sloppy kisses.

She is such a wonderful, loving puppy and we couldn’t be happier with her.

Thank you for all the love and time you have put in to her to get her to this point.


It has been two weeks since we received ms. Stella and we are absolutely head over heels for her!

She is adjusting to her new home very well.  She is SO SMART!  At 9weeks old, she can already sit, lay and come on command.

She has taken to kennel training very well (no accidents!) and is sleeping throughout the night very comfortably. She is almost completely housebroken and has started to let us know when she needs to eliminate by standing by the door.

She gets multiple walks a day and has quickly become the newest celebrity on the block. Everyone, including our vet, Dr. Prinz, is quite taken wither her:) Needless to say she has no want for love, affection, friendship or caring.

Thank you for giving us our newest pride and joy!

Much love,

Bergen and Justin


He has been the best dog for our family. The kids just love him to death and he is so patient with them. He is clearly bigger than they are and so they are a bit frustrated that they are not allowed to take him for walks without an adult!

He’s completed basic obedience class, rattlesnake and river toad avoidance training, and Good Canine Citizen training. He is just a love and sweetheart to have around.

A couple weeks ago he woke us up at midnight with his barking so Bryant went outside to find a car full of young adults who were scouting cars outside to break in. He became the neighborhood hero because he prevented the burglaries. He definitely has quite the bark when he needs it and I feel much better when I’m home alone at night with the kids or when the kids have a babysitter with them.


This is Louie, the love of our lives.

We are so thankful that we have him and couldn’t be more happy with this sweet lovable guy.

We picked up Louie from you in September, he will soon be 8 months old and weighs 47 pounds. He looks a lot like his father Ben.

We have been going to obedience school since December, he graduated from puppy obedience and is now in basic training.  Louie is very smart, loves other dogs and any people he can get near. (Preferably people who pet him or give a good belly rub.)

His favorite past times are jumping snow banks, going for walks in the field, and sitting on our back screened porch to watch the squirrels and birds.

He flew with us to Door County last fall and slept on his back in the crate the whole way!


We’re writing with news of our little Ollie. She is now 3 months old and has been a wonderful addition to our family. She has a sweet and playful personality and eagerly meets all new friends–people or puppies.

She is quick to learn and is doing well in puppy school. Our extended family have many hunting dogs and all are impressed with her calm temperament and easy-going nature.

I’m sending along a few photos to show you how she’s doing. Pictures show her better than words can tell.

Thank you for our sweet girl.

The Darr Family!

Mary’s Girl

Also just a quick update on my girl. She is the hit of the neighborhood. The kids all love her and she is sweet and gentle.

She is 50lbs now at 6 1/2 months and is starting to grow up.

She just finished Obedience II and did a great a job. She was the youngest and the smartest in her class. I plan on taking her to therapy dog training because her demeanor so wonderful.

Her personality is just starting to show and she is funny and silly. She loves to fetch balls and run in the park. She loves all other dogs and goes to day care sometimes for socialization. I couldn’t be happier with her temperament or demeanor. She is also a good pack dog and loves playing with all dogs but especially small dogs.

Thank you.



I thought you might like to see some pictures of Toby. His parents are Gigi and Quinn.

He is almost 8 months old and weighs nearly 50lbs. He is a beautiful boy, very sweet and very good with our 9 and 11 year old.

He did great in puppy kindergarten, perhaps because he will do just about anything for food. That is his one issue…food. We try very hard not to leave any food around, but he is so smart and so fast that if we have a momentary lapse, he snatches anything! He has eaten a cupcake off the cooling rack, paper and all…and nearly 2 lbs of meatloaf cooling on the stove!

We have friends who have a doodle who is 1 1/2 and they have so much fun together. He LOVES to go to Sadie’s house to play.

Toby has been housebroken for a long time and caught on very quickly.

We love him a lot and are looking forward to many years with him.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful boy! He is just what we wanted!



I just wanted to email you to tell you what a wonderful dog our River has turned out to be. I’ve never been around a more well behaved, easy to train, sweet, beautiful dog than River. She is absolutely amazing.

She learns so quickly and is so eager to please that every minute with her has been an absolute joy. She ’s very calm and relaxed but also loves to have fun, wrestling with my 10 year old daughter or any other dog we bring her in contact with.

She’s such a gem that if we were to get another dog from Rosewood Kennel I would want the exact same parents. People stop us all the time and say how beautiful she is.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know how happy we are with our goldendoodle.

Thank you,



Merry Christmas, Jana!

Just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Ruby (almost 7 months old.

She was a wonderful addition to our family.

She is weighing in at 42lbs — perfect size!



Greetings from Prior Lake!

I thought I’d drop you a quick note and picture to update you on our pup, Harry.

He continues to be the best dog in the world, no exaggerating!

We welcomed our first child, a daughter, Campbell, to our family this August. Harry has been her faithful companion since the day we brought her home. I attached a picture of the two of them just this last weekend. They were both enjoying the Vikings game with Dad.

Harry is the perfect finishing touch to our family and we just love him to pieces. We could not ask for a better dog. I hope all is well out at Rosewood Kennel.

Take care,



I can’t believe Millie just turned 1 and the 10 months since we had her has gone so fast. She is now fully grown and I have attached a photograph for you to see how she is. She weighs around 20 pounds. I think she really looks like Dixie, she has the same ginger patches around her eyes and body.

We all love her so much, she is so special to everyone in our family. She has the most incredible personality which makes us laugh every day. She is very loyal and protective of the children as if they were her own. She is with me all day and has become my best friend. We have our routine, we walk twice a day and Millie always carries a stick or leaf in her mouth for the walk. She follows me around the house all day and usually brings her soft toys (her babies) with her.

She is in excellent health and recovered quickly after being spade.

Thank you so much for breeding the most wonderful, beautiful, loyal, fun dogs ever, I can not ever imagine our family without Millie.



We had to share this picture of Sadie! We don’t know what we did without Sadie.

We walk her twice a day. She has six neighborhood goldendoodles to play with. Her best friend, Lola, simply jumps over our fence to play with Sadie whenever Lola walks by. They all have a standing invitation to visit anytime.

Other than her love of chewing, we couldn’t imagine a better dog!



I just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Lucy (Born March 31, 2008 Mom Angel).

Lucy has fit perfectly into our family. Everyone loves her and enjoys playing with her.

Right away we knew she would be a smart dog. Potty training was a dream…it think we had maybe 3 or 4 accidents. She has done basic obedience training and we will go again in the spring for the advanced session. We installed Invisible Fence around our home which gives her freedom to run around and play with the girls. We kennel her when we are gone but she sleeps next to our bed or in front of the girls bedroom door at night.

All around we just can’t say enough good things about her. We recommend you all the time to our friends and neighboors.

Thank you so much for Lucy and maybe (if I can talk my husband into it) we will be back for one more!!!


The Benders


We picked up our standard goldendoodle puppy, Mulligan, from Rosewood Kennels last year at this time. We drove (all day!) to their home to pick him up. I found the facility to be clean, spacious and appropriate in every way. The kennel building is about 10 steps from their home, and many of the breeding dogs were in the fenced area playing.

It was very clear to me that these dogs are part of their life, not simply a business. We stayed at their home for over an hour. There was a newer litter of minis actually in their kitchen for close watching.

There was a new European Golden puppy in the house, I know she is now a breeding dog, too. Their pet Goldendoodles were in the house, and appear to be members of the family. I had no concerns whatsoever, and was pleased to know our puppy had a great start. He showed little fear, and quickly bonded to us.

We had a golden retriever for 14 years, she just passed away of lymphoma. I knew I wanted to get a puppy before she died. I researched breeds extensively, and decided on a goldendoodle. I feel very fortunate that I found Jana.

Mulligan is a wonderful dog, a joy to our family. He was a very healthy puppy, our veterinarian has been impressed by him since day one. I also brought the contract to the vet to review, and he said it was one of the best puppy contracts he had seen.

Mulligan house trained very easily and rings bells to go outside, which is perfect for us. He rings the bells, we stop whatever we are doing to put him out. He likes to chew, so we keep lots of rawhide chips on hand (hide your good shoes!). We have a fenced back yard which he enjoys. However, he is a total housedog.

Mulligan at 1 year old weighs 72#. He had not had an “accident” in the house since he was about 4 months old.

He is a beautiful golden color.


Bella has turned-out to be even sweeter than I’d hoped a puppy could be. She is extremely easy-going and patient. She is a cuddler and loves being around our family.

She naturally loves to retrieve and is so much fun for the kids to play with. She is gentle and wonderful and she has such a mellow disposition.

I highly recommend your goldendoodles to anyone who asks me.

Thanks for our little girl Bella!



We are so pleased with Bosco (parents Goldie and Winston- April 14, 2007 litter).

He’s an absolute doll with such a loving personality.

Thanks again!

M.E. Griffith


We love Bentley so much.

He is all trained using the bell. He will sit/stay on command and sleeps through the night with no problem. No fuss when we leave him in his crate during the day.

He carries his leash when we walk and never goes in front of me.

The best dog I have ever had. My husband says the best part of his day is opening the door to Bentleys crate in the morning and having him rush into his arms.

The Sundahl’s


We were extremely happy with Rosewood Kennels and the wonderful service we received from Jim and Jana Moeding.

They were very professional-answering any of our questions and keeping us updated with pictures of the new puppies.

Our Goldendoodle is everything we had hoped for.

She is a true delight.

The Sande’s


Jana was great to work with. On the pickup day, she hugged each puppy with tears in her eye before giving them to their new owners. This told us a lot about the genuine love she has for her dogs.  Our vet was also impressed with the care our goldendoodle had received from Rosewood Kennels.

As for the goldendoodle breed, Remi, our 4 mo old teddy bear black goldendoodle has been one of those true joys of life. Even my wife, who previously had nothing to do with our labs, has allowed Remi the run of the house. Absolutely no shedding, and easy to train due to her innate intelligence.

Jana had her 80% potty trained at 7 weeks and also trained to use a doggy door. I have highly recommended Rosewood Kennel to friends as their first question after meeting Remi is usually “where did you get such a beautiful dog?”

Riley Uglum

New Hampton, IA


I have a 1 year old Black golden doodle.

He is a wonderful dog. He is always full of energy and has happy; loving disposition. He was very easy to house train and rarely had any accidents. He learned to fetch in a few minutes and is always eager to please.

I would highly recommend a doodle; they are very good natured and loving.  I love it when Sam snuggles up to me to watch TV; though he is often just as happy flopping on the floor for a nap. Watching him run in the yard and chase birds is also a treat; with his tail waving above him is such a handsome site.

Thank you for bringing such a wonderful companion to my life.


Peg and Sam


Just wanted to take this time to tell you THANK YOU!

Molly is a wonderful addition to our family. She is so smart! Just as you assured me she is loving her kennel and has had 2 solid weeks of no crying or barking when she goes in at the end of the day. It is great! Her housetraining is going well. She knows which door to go to and she does it most of the time on her own.

Molly’s personality is so laid back. We are amazed that she is so quiet. She loves to have her tummy rubbed.

So many people have commented on her looks and personality.

We feel blessed to have found your kennel- Tanya


Just a quick update to show you how cute Koda is.

He just finished his 3rd round of dog training @ Search and Rescue and is doing really well. Very smart and friendly dog… and of course adorable.

Not sure of his weight, but I’d say b/w 55/60 lbs.

We adore him and so does anyone who meets him.

Still no shedding, super soft fur, and anyone w/ allergies can be around him w/ no side effects.

How perfect of a dog can you get?

The Thomas Family


Penny is a wonderful dog.

We take her to the Dog Park here in our city often and she is always the center of attention.

She is learning her sit’s and stay’s every week in training class and is the fastest learner there. (she found out why a Boxer gets it’s name the other day!)

She is absolutely great with the kids and puts up with so much.

The Aals


A couple month’s ago my husband and I had picked up a puppy from you. I just wanted to give you some updates and photos of the pup. Sahara (as we have named her) is doing well.

She has become great pals with our kitten. They are always playing together or just hanging out. She also has enjoyed the standard goldendoodle, Gus, whom we are dog sitting while his dad is deployed.

All in all she has been a great puppy for us!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to add her to our family..we couldn’t be happier!

Sincerely, Angela


As first time dog owners, we are very pleased with our new golden doodle, Riley, which we got from Jana and Jim Moeding, of the Rosewood Kennels.

Jana was wonderful to work with; she answered all of our questions when we were trying to decide if this was the right breed for us and helped us through the process all along the way.

Waiting for the babies to be born brought back memories of being an expectant mother and Jana kept us informed all along the way. And then the birth came and we got pictures within the first few days and updates at least weekly so we could see the puppies grow. The dogs were “assigned” to their owners on the basis of their preferences and we couldn’t have been given a better puppy for our family and lifestyle.

Our new puppy is now four months old and is very well mannered and a wonderful dog for our family of three active boys.

He is definitely a cutie and also very much a lover.

We couldn’t be more pleased!!

Mike and Melissa


We are so happy to have gotten our Goldendoodle, Molly, from Rosewood Kennel.

Jim and Jana are committed to breeding and raising happy, healthy, friendly dogs. They care about each of their puppies (Jana had tears in her eyes when she handed us our Molly) and they are extraordinarily caring and helpful even after the pups are placed. They hand-raise their puppies and are masterful at choosing your puppy to match the traits you are seeking.

We wanted a moderately active, affectionate dog for a first-time dog-owning family, and our lovely Molly is the perfect dog for us. She is a fluffy ray of golden sunshine, smart, affectionate, playful and beautiful. She is well-adjusted, learns quickly and was very easy to train. And she doesn’t shed!

We thank our lucky stars that we discovered Rosewood Kennel and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking this extraordinary breed of dog.

Renee and Adam


This is Marley.

He continues to be the best dog! A definite family dog!

We went to the vet yesterday , everyone in the vets office loves him!



We wanted a dog that was to be mild mannered with little to no shedding (not to mention cute as well for our girls), and that is exactly what we have in Midnight.  The girls absolutely love her.

From the first day I spoke with you inquiring about getting a Teddy bear Golden doodle until you delivered her to the Twin Cities, everything was first rate.

We would absolutely recommend anyone looking into getting a Golden doodle to Rosewood.

Thank you again for everything.

The Fritz’s

Sir Elliott

Dear Jana,

Just wanted to let you know that Sir Elliot is doing great.

At four months, everyone is amazed at how smart he is and makes note of his exceptionally calm temperament.

He just recently graduated from Puppy Kindergarten with flying colors. Now that he has learned tricks and is fully potty trained, he is working on training us to do what he would like. Little sharpie!

Our parents lovingly refer to him as their first grand-doodle. He has brought so much joy to our lives and we eagerly await his new half brother’s arrival!

Katie, Andrew & Elliot Williams

UPDATE: Price Hairry has arrived and has settled into his new family.

He already has won their hearts! Lucky boy! (note: Elliot is a Teddybear Goldendoodle)


We are so thrilled with the newest addition to our family!

Kona is our now4 month old, teddybear goldendoodle and she has been a wonderful puppy so far. Everybody who sees her comments on her beautiful coat and what a cute puppy she is!

Jana was very helpful in answering all my questions and giving me advice on how to manage some very typical puppy behaviors such as nipping and jumping up.

At four months, Kona is fully housetrained, has learned to sit, lay down, and stay as well as some cute tricks like shaking a paw, “speak” and playing hide and seek with our two children (ages 4 and9).

She has a wonderful temperament and loves to play with the kids. We are looking forward to starting puppy kindergarten with her this coming week.

We are thrilled with our experience from Rosewood Kennels and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a golden doodle puppy!

Thanks again Jana!



Molly is now eight months old and has been a great dog.

She is just what we were looking for.  A low shed, medium sized goldendoodle with a friendly temperament who is good with kids of all ages.

Our experience with Rosewood was nothing but positive.

Thanks for going the extra mile in getting her to us (no pun intended). I know you had to make several trips to the airport before the weather cooperated enough for her to fly.

We appreciate the extra effort.

The VonSosen’s


Attached is a picture of Kramer.

He is almost 5 months and doing wonderful. He’s currently in puppy kindergarten and is one of the best dogs in his class; he will graduate a week from today. For the most part he is very mild mannered. He gets the “zooms” a couple times a day…we just let him run and watch in delight.

Our seven year old son loves him as does our entire family. We get many compliments on how well behaved he is. We took him swimming a few weeks ago and he loved it. He also likes his bath; sometimes we find him in his empty bathtub.

He loves other animals and people. Sometimes he loves people too much, he gets so excited with they come to the door we have to hold him back. We are currently working on greeting people calmly, but sometimes he just can’t help himself. He also rings the bell when he has to go out to potty.

We will keep in touch and share pictures of Kramer as he gets older.

You were a delight to work with, thank you!!!

Tim, Sherry & Couper

(note: Kramer is a Teddybear Goldendoodle)