Teddybear English Goldendoodles

Teddybear Goldendoodles or English Goldendoodles are produced by breeding English Goldens to Poodles. One of the main differences between an American Golden and an European “English” Golden is the temperament . They are much more laid back, and are very calm.

English Goldens also have a different bone structure and a softer coat type, they are ultra cream colored. English Goldens have also been said to be less predisposed to the genetic diseases of the American Golden Retrievers.

By breeding Teddybear Goldendoodles we desire to produce a very blocky headed, Golden Retriever like doodle, with less emphasis on the Poodle.

Our English Golden was imported from Europe and has a very blocky head, lots of bone, they are a bit shorter, with a broader chest, and they compliment the sleek, narrow headed Poodle. We believe this combination produces a Goldendoodle that has a beautiful blocky “extreme” Teddy Bear looking Head, with possibly even less shedding than the American Goldendoodles.